Sierra Club: T.I.M.E. Out

The Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club has come out against the T.I.M.E. initiative that would increase the statewide sales tax by one penny per dollar to fund a mix of highway construction, rail alternatives and local transportation projects. Over three decades, the tax would raise an estimated $42 billion.

From the Sierra Club press release:

“We are disappointed that the proposal relies heavily on a large sales tax increase for this road-based program, includes a relatively small percentage for transit measures, and an even smaller percentage for wildlife programs,” said Jim Vaaler, chairperson of the Grand Canyon Chapter. “The exclusion of development impact fees in the package is also discouraging–the Sierra Club has long supported development paying its way in Arizona.”

Supporters of the initiative, including Gov. Janet Napolitano*, have until July 3 to collect 153,365 valid signatures from Arizona voters to get the measure on the ballot.

*To the best of our knowledge, Napolitano is not personally helping gather signatures.


One Response

  1. I am against the sales tax increase for a variety of reasons. The 4500-year-old Canyon doesn’t need any more development. It doesn’t need more environmental impact. It’s beautiful just the way it is. Best guide book I’ve ever read on the Canyon is the new “True North Series: Your Guide to the Grand Canyon.” It captures scenes better than I can get with my expensive camera. And it shows dozens of reference points I’ve never ever seen in the Canyon.

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