Cronkite-Eight Poll: McCain Leads Obama in AZ; Legislature To Blame for Budget Mess

A new Cronkite-Eight poll shows that Republican John McCain has an 10-point lead over Democrat Barack Obama among Arizona voters, although more than a third of those surveyed were undecided.

The numbers:

McCain: 38 percent

Obama: 28 percent

Undecided: 34 percent

Pollster Bruce Merrill also asked:

If Arizona state government shuts down because the governor and the state legislature cannot agree on the budget, who do you think is most responsible for the impasse – the governor or the state legislature?

More than half—52 percent—blame Arizona Legislature, while just 19 percent blame the governor, 13 percent blame both equally, and 16 percent just don’t know.

As the days tick toward the end of the fiscal year, it’s pretty clear that lawmakers are going to be on the losing end of the PR war if they can’t resolve this budget mess. A government shutdown is not the way to start your re-election campaign.


One Response

  1. Nice Poll.

    38-28-24? Sure.

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