Spotlight on Republican Frank Antenori: House, LD30

Frank Antenori remembers the moment he realized he belonged in politics.

Antenori, who signed up with the Army right out of high school in Pennsylvania, had joined some other Green Berets on a trip to Washington to testify before Congress. He looked around and realized he was a lot more in touch than the politicians he was talking to. Remembers Antenori: “When I saw the caliber of people running this country, I said: ‘Oh my God, I can do this.’ I was not impressed.”

After finishing an 20-year military career that took him to Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Iraq (among other hot spots), Antenori, 42, took a job as a programs manager with Raytheon and moved to Tucson, where he wrote a book about an Iraqi battle his unit was involved in—Roughneck Nine-One—and kept an eye on politics.

When Congressman Jim Kolbe retired in 2006, Antenori decided to make his debut on the political stage as one of five Republicans competing in the primary.

Antenori says he knew from the start he wasn’t likely to win—he ended up with less than 5 percent of the vote—but he made a lot of connections, got some campaign experience and built up some name ID.

Now he’s back to run for one of the two open seats in Arizona’s District 30.

He says his forthright nature and fundamental party values sets him aside from the other Republicans in the race: Sharon Collins, David Gowan and Doug Sposito.

“I am still the same unabashed, uninhibited Frank Anetori,” he says. “I believe that the bigger government gets, the less freedom you have…. I despise expansion of government into people’s lives.”

His aversion to big government is evident in his prescription to stimulate Arizona’s economy: “If we cut corporation taxes temporarily, we will increase the number of businesses in Arizona.”

He’s willing to cut a lot of government programs, saying government should get out of the business of highway beautification and back to basics like providing public safety, infrastructure and education.

Anetori wants to improve Arizona’s K-12 schools with more intensive math, science and “life-skills” curriculum.

“K-12 is meant to prepare kids to enter the world,” Anetori said. “We need to spend less time teaching how to put condoms on cucumbers and more time on balancing a checkbook.”

Antenori is also a big booster of nuclear and other alternative energy programs. He envisions building nuclear power plants to sell power to California in return for their CAP water credits. The Arizona nuclear plants would supply power to California desalinization plants so that the Golden State would be able to give up Colorado River water rights.

“The water issue will kill our economy in 15 years,” Anetori said. “There are not a lot of longterm thinkers in the legislature right now.”

The two winners of the Sept. 2 GOP primary will face Democrat Andrea Dallesandro in November.

8 Responses

  1. I have seen your signs up all over the Town; need to have you or your representative come in and apply for a permit in the Planning & Zoning Dept. @ 375 W. Sahuarita Center Way, Sahuarita, AZ 85629.

    Call this department at 520-822-8852.

  2. Marty,
    You should probably try Frank’s website. It has an email and phone number where you can contact the campaign.

    I’m sure that if you were looking at his signs you would have noticed they all had the website on them. Leaving a post on an obscure blog?????

    I hope Frank checks in from time to time otherwise he’ll probably never get your message.

  3. Hey, what do you mean “obscure,” Spartey? We’ve been around for nearly a month now!

    We encourage all government officials to conduct their official business with the candidates here at ScrambleWatch.

  4. As Frank’s point person on signs, I will be calling Marty de La Vega today to determine why he wants to issue a permit on political signs. Political signs placed under 30 days before voting begins are exempt from permit requirements – Mail ballots will be out in three weeks. However, Frank is a one who respects the rule of law and we will be in touch to discuss.

  5. Marty is a she, I met her today. The permit application has been submitted. While we believe that a permit should not be required, we have complied fully with the kind folks at the Town of Sahuarita. They were extremely pleasant and cooperative.

  6. Remember, Candidates: ScrambleWatch is here to help you through all your little snags with government employees!

  7. Dear Mr. Nintzel,
    I was just commenting that Marty went the long way around to get to Frank. All he had to do was go to his website to contact his campaign.

    You don’t see it as a bit odd that the town of Sahuarita would use a blog to contact a candidate that has a website, is listed on the AZ Sec of State website, and probably is in the phone book?

    Not to insult your little blog, it does perform a service, It’s not saying much, but at least your doing a better job than the AZ DSTAR.

    My apologies if I stepped on some toes.

  8. Yes, don’t get behind on your water bill in Sahuarita: they will announce it on the AP website in the comments section.

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