Kolbe Breaks Up With Bee

Congrats to Sierra Vista Herald reporter Bill Hess for breaking the story of how Republican Jim Kolbe has announced he’ll no longer campaign for Arizona Sen. Tim Bee in his effort to unseat Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Hess writes:

Retired Congressman Jim Kolbe has ended his support of Tim Bee’s congressional campaign.

“I will not be actively campaigning for Bee,” the former Republican congressman said during a telephone interview with the Herald/Review on Thursday.

Kolbe, whose district included Cochise County and whose seat in Congress is now held by Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, hosted a fundraiser recently for fellow Republican Bee at his Washington, D.C., home.

Tom Dunn, a spokesman for the Bee campaign, also confirmed Kolbe’s decision.

“For personal reasons, Mr. Kolbe is no longer associated with our campaign,” Dunn said.

Neither Kolbe nor Dunn provided specific reasons for the former congressman dropping out of campaigning for Bee.

The retired congressman was adamant during the interview with the Herald/Review in refusing to say why he was severing his ties with the Bee campaign.

Tedski seems to think it has something to the gay marriage amendment.

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