Now With Added Prop Power

ScrambleWatch is excited to announce that we’ve added summaries of the ballot props.

Want to hike the sales tax to pay for more highways and a brand-new rail to Phoenix? Do you fear that unless we make gay marriage even more illegal in Arizona, we are hastening the destruction of our families and, eventually, our civilization? Are you worried about saving the endangered species known as the payday-loan shark? Would you like to see Arizona preserve some of that pristine state trust land?

These are among the questions you’ll decide when you go to the ballot in November. Barring legal problems or an act of God, it appears that you’ll make the call on 11 statewide ballot props (along with any local questions that school districts or other local jurisdictions toss your way). Nine of them are initiatives, which means that somebody paid to have people gather signatures to put the prop on the ballot; one of them, a constitutional ban on gay marriage, was put on the ballot by the Arizona Legislature; and the last one, a $6K raise for state lawmakers, just got approval today. Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services has the details.

We’ll be reporting on these measures in more detail in the months to come, but in the meantime, ScrambleWatch has put together capsule descriptions of each of the measures.

The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act

Protect Our Homes

Majority Rules: Let the People Decide

Conserving Arizona’s Water and Land

Arizona Civil Rights Initiative

Stop Illegal Hiring

Payday Loan Reform Act

T.I.M.E. Initiative

Homeowners’ Bill of Rights

Gay Marriage Ban


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