ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Trent Humphries on Taxes

Republican candidate Trent Humphries is one of three candidates in the Legislative District 26 House of Representatives GOP primary. We asked him some questions about taxes.

Do you support the repeal of the state property tax?

Yes. If we’re going to get out of the funk we’re in, businesses are going to have to step in. Anything we can do to free them up where they can make up that difference is great. Like I said at the (recent Clean Elections) debate, the last thing we want to do is whatever kills the golden goose.

Since it will cost the state $250 million, what should the state cut to make up for that difference?

Well one thing I’d like to see is having the same sunset provision for state spending as we do for tax cuts. We could also put a freeze on all budgets-maybe not on all things, for instance education, but the majority we could freeze. Bottom line, we need to put emphasis on making wise spending choices.

Do you support borrowing for school construction?

It seems really short-sighted to me. I mean there may be times where it is needed, however there needs to be an aggressive payback schedule. People have told me we can’t build without borrowing so we just continue to borrow and borrow and borrow and we build up this wall of debt. That’s obviously not a wise strategy. There may be a time when borrowing might be necessary to contain a project for instance, but it should be rare and it should be planned for as far the exact break down.

Would you vote for the TIME initiative, which increases the sales tax by a penny per dollar to fund highway, rail and local transportation projects?

I hate that initiative! Even setting aside the dodgy way it was written and the way the signatures were paid for, in Southern Arizona we should really look at it hard because we know the profits from that sales tax probably won’t be spent in our area. It just smells like Rio Nuevo to me, in which you have a board free from legislative oversight that makes all the spending decisions but doesn’t ever spell out exactly what that money is used for. It puts you in a position to get a lot of money that doesn’t effect the constituents with no accountability for that money.


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