Follow the Money: Where Do Bee and Giffords Get Their Bucks?

We’ve mentioned the fundraising totals from congressional candidates Gabrielle Giffords and Tim Bee. Gabby has a $1.3 million lead, but Tim is set to gain a lot of ground in just one morning this week, thanks to a visit from a very special friend.

Both Bee and Giffords are talking about their local donors and grassroots support. So what’s the real story? Who’s really paying for these campaigns?

As it turns out, there are folks a lot smarter than us who spend their time figuring this sort of thing out. The Center for Responsive Politics specializes in analyzing campaign finance reports. At, you can easily sort through all sorts of FEC reports. They don’t have the second-quarter results yet, but they have broken down the campaign-finance reports from both Giffords and Bee through the first quarter.

You can learn, for example, that Jim Pederson is Giffords’ sugar daddy, while Jim Click is Bee’s sugar daddy. Or that Giffords has done way better with PACs than Bee has. Or that both of them get a lot of support from retirees, lawyers and the real-estate crowd.

Take a spin around the Web site. We’ll let you know when those second-quarter reports get tossed into the mix.

If you’re interested in looking at the actual FEC filings from either campaign, you can start here.


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