ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Frank Antenori on Taxes

Republican Frank Antenori is running for House of Representatives in Legislative District 30. ScrambleWatch asked him some questions about taxes.

Would you support the repeal of the state property tax?

That was a tax increase. I would support the permanent repeal.

Since that will cost the state $250 million, how would you make up that lost revenue?

Through the increase in the benefiting the economy because industry would then—see, this is the thing. I don’t see returning money to people who are paying taxes as spending money. I see that as reducing their tax burden and providing them tax relief.

But you’re still bringing in $250 million less to the state than you anticipated.

Well, then, why don’t you get the governor to cut the 36 percent spending increase since she’s been in office? I want to know why we give money from taxpayers to public, non-profit organizations. I think that is unconstitutional. I think that if you’re a charity and you’re a non-profit, you should be funded on your own two feet. You shouldn’t be running to the Legislature and local government to fund your non-profit. That tells me that your non-profit sucks and it wouldn’t survive on its own and you have to run to the government to keep it going.

So you would cut back on…

All of ’em!

So there are very few sacred cows in your view.

Yeah! Infrastructure, public safety, education—those are the things government should be funding. All these other organizations and crazy things—how about highway art? Do you know what this state spends on highway beautification? It’s criminal what we spend on mosaic lizards and little palm trees on the side. If you drive that beltway that goes off of I-10 to Scottsdale, it would make you sick to see how money they spent on highway beautification. Let’s just paint the bridges tan and fix some roads and do some other stuff.

As long as we’re talking transportation, would you support the TIME initiative, which would raise the sales tax by a penny per dollar to fund highway, rail and local projects?

I’m 100 percent against it because it increases taxes. We have the mechanism in this state to raise the revenue to do what we need to do. The other thing is, if it was viable, I think private industry would do it. Someone asked me if I was in favor of passenger rail service between Tucson and Phoenix. I said, “Absolutely, 100 percent, as long as not one cent of tax dollars is used to build it.”

Tax dollars are used to build highways.

I would support creating easements and having government create the foundation to allow industry to come in to make that a profitable endeavor. The railroads now are now being used for profit, except for Amtrak, which is a boondoggle I would have done away with had I been a congressman.

Do you support borrowing for school construction?

Absolutely not, because there’s a difference between state bonding and local bonding. That is a Ponzi scheme. That is a gimmick where we allow the state to go into debt. That bond is being paid back by the general fund. You’re saddling the taxpayers of the next generation with the debt and that’s wrong.


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  1. He tried to run for congress in AZ in 2006 and didn’t get the GOP nomination. When asked to provide solutions to the problems he complains about he says things like “let the private sector handle it”. The problem with that is private sector has been “handling it” since Reagan and look what messes the tax payers are trying to fix. He won’t support taxes for passenger rail between Tucson and Phoenix, but will for the highway system. Especially, considering the success of other passenger rails between major cities in this country. Lacks foresight and critical thinking skills.

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