ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Vic Williams on Taxes

Republican candidate Vic Williams is one of three candidates in the Legislative District 26 House of Representatives GOP primary. We asked him some questions about taxes.

Do you support the repeal of the state property tax?

I believe our property taxes are too high and now is not the time to overtax people. I believe we need to look elsewhere and I believe we need tax relief on individual properties.

Since it will cost the state $250 million, what should the state cut to make up for the lost revenue?

In my opinion we need to do a few things…we need to cut spending, maybe not necessarily all programs but we need to balance the budget by cutting spending across the board. If you take a look at our state, we’ve had a 70 percent increase in our budget in the last seven to 10 years and anytime you have that kind of increase in expenditures, I am sure that there are overlapping overheads, redundancies and wasteful spending. I’m sure that we could consolidate them. Secondly, as much as I want to see our school infrastructure grow, we may want to consider suspending new school infrastructure, for a time until we can pick up the slack.

Do you support borrowing for school construction?

Yes, absolutely. Before we go out and start bonding, however, we need to be cautious where we spend money when we’re in an economic downturn. I do support bonding for infrastructure and such but let’s focus right now on getting our fiscal health in order.

Would you vote for the TIME initiative, which increases the sales tax by a penny per dollar to fund highway, rail and local transportation projects?

I plan to be speaking with the mayor of Oro Valley-he’s an expert on that. From what I hear about it, here are some of the issues I have with it…We tend to try and tax ourselves to prosperity in this state, over and over again. I see us doing it at the global, municipality, county-wide and state levels. I would prefer to see us look towards quality economic development and extending our free market and developing our base revenue to fund these types of projects, verses looking at taxing our existing base, which is what they’re doing. Also, before signing on to something like that, I’m very cautious about rail systems and the environmental impact on these services. I think these systems might be environmentally harmful beyond their good of producing transportation.

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