ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Ann Day Talks About Her Accomplishments On the Board of Supervisors

Republican Ann Day, who is seeking a third term on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, is facing a challenge in the Sept. 2 GOP primary from businessman Joe Higgins.

How do you feel about your past term and continuing your service as supervisor for District 1?

I’m positive about creating a better future for Pima County. At the same time I have to deal with the day-to-day issues with Pima County. I understand how the issues affect the people of Pima County, especially when it comes to taxes and our budget. I know you don’t spend more than you make.

What’s different about this next term?

Pima County is going through some major changes right now. The high price of oil and the high price of gas are having an impact on our communities and Pima County’s day-to-day operations. It was hard to reduce taxes last year. We didn’t get as far down as we’d like in this current budget.

What have your goals been as a Pima County supervisor?

My goal has been to make county government transparent and open, and make it efficient. And keep taxes low. We’ve had to exercise sound financial judgment, but at the same time meet the need to reduce crime and have enough sheriffs out there and focus on roads and infrastructure. Those areas are difficult to cut. You can’t have a strong economy without supporting infrastructure; and you can’t reduce the number of law enforcement.

In infrastructure I’ve helped move up projects in my district, like at Overton and La Cholla. The work there recently went from a Phase II with the RTA to a Phase I. Fifty-four percent of new arterial roads have been in District 1.

I’m also proud of the work I’ve done in helping to improve and build new parks and create more recreational areas. Those have been important for the people of District 1.

What do you hear from your constituents?

Every voter I talk to says quality of life in Pima County is what’s important to them. That’s why from the beginning I always supported the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. We have to establish sensible growth policy for our region.

These are not partisan issues. There should be transparency and openness when we deal with our regional problems. I feel my leadership track keeps people working together.

Another part of my work is with the Inland Port of Tucson and look at ways we can support trade with Mexico and deal with the increase in transportation issues from trucks that come through, and how we handle trade with Mexico. Tucson could be a design center for businesses working in Mexico. Companies doing manufacturing in Mexico could base their headquarters here.


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