ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Marilyn Zerull on Higher Education

Marilyn Zerull is a one of three candidates in Legislative District 26 House of Representatives GOP primary. ScrambleWatch asked her some questions about higher education.

Should the state provide more funding for universities?

No. I think the individual students should have to pay for their own education.

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for in-state students?

Yes. Not just for in-state, I mean out-of-state, too. There have been tax breaks for those that aren’t citizens and I think that’s a shame. They shouldn’t need more tax breaks worse than our own citizens do. It is my general belief that people need to pay for the things they want. If it means they have to take out loans, then that’s what they need to do. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege.

Should tuition money be used to provide financial aid for low-income students?

No, because low-income students can also apply for loans and there are plenty of loans and lots and lots of scholarships out there. If they have the grades for that then great. And that money should be paid back after graduation.

Do you support the Board of Regents’ plan to borrow more than a billion dollars for capital projects?



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