ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Ann Day on Growth and Conservation

Republican Ann Day, who is seeking a third term on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, is facing a challenge in the Sept. 2 GOP primary from businessman Joe Higgins.

If you opponent wins, what advice would you give him?

I hope he knows how to count to three. Because there are three votes on the board he will have to face. Because of those three votes I’ve had to take a stand. I’m in the minority. You have to keep in mind much of what we work on is not partisan and you have to be willing to work with everyone in the board.

What about working with County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry? This past budget process you didn’t always agree with him.

He can be arrogant. He can make decisions that I don’t agree with. I certainly point that out to him.

He often gets blamed for many of the problems the county faces. Do you think that’s justified?

Look, he’s only human. And sometimes humans are good and sometimes they are bad. But I don’t think Chuck Huckelberry is to blame for all of Pima County problems.

Some of said the relationships between a few of the supervisors seems contentious. Have you found that to be true?

We have to build coalition. The county is an arm of the state government. That means we have to work together. I think we are certainly less contentious than past board. It doesn’t get political because we are all committed to solving issues.

What do you think about your opponent’s criticism of the way the county has gotten involved with the Arroyo Grande development and working with Oro Valley?

Because the Arroyo Grande development involves state land, we were asked to be involved. Oro Valley made it clear they wanted our assistance in dealing with the State Land Department. We are still looking at if this project will have CAP water allocated. There’s no answer yet. Seems that Oro Valley would want to use the tools we have.

Regional planning seems to be the new buzzword coming from the supervisors.

Well it’s because we’ve realized sensible growth is the only choice we have. I think sustainability is the revolution of the 21st century. Land use, water, the budget, how we build–everything we do has to be sustainable. It’s about the future because we now know we have everything to win and everything to lose.


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