Greyhounded: South Tucson To Vote on Canine Controversy

The supporters of the Tucson Dog Protection Act say their measure has qualified for the November ballot. Here’s a release from the Tucson Dog Protection:


The city clerk of the City of South Tucson, Dolores Robles, announced today that the Tucson Dog Protection Act was signed by a sufficient number of South Tucson voters and will be on the November ballot. Tucson Dog Protection treasurer, Dr. Janet Forrer said, “Dogs deserve better. Even racing dogs deserve to be treated humanely. This is a great day!”

The Tucson Dog Protection Act contains three provisions:

1) No person shall knowingly feed a dog uncooked or raw meat from diseased, dying, or disabled animals or animals dead upon arrival at slaughterhouses.

2) No person shall give or administer anabolic steroids as defined in the United States Code and relevant sections of the code of federal regulations to any dog to artificially enhance performance or suppress estrus.

3) No person shall confine a dog to a crate or cage smaller than 35 inches high by 45 inches long by 35 inches wide for more than a total of 18 hours in any 24 hour period unless such confinement is deemed medically necessary by a veterinarian licensed by the state of Arizona.

“Much of the media has yet to cover this campaign, thinking it too shocking, perhaps wondering if what we say could be true,” said campaign chair Susan Via. “Instead of denying these charges, the track has defended the feeding of uncooked, diseased meat, the administration of steroids for years on end, and the confinement of greyhounds for 22 to 23 hours a day. We will not allow these practices to stand.”

Signatures for this measure were gathered by volunteers going door to door in April and May. Tucson Dog Protection is a homegrown effort without monetary or other assistance from out of state groups.

Endorsements include the Animal Welfare Alliance of Southern Arizona, the Pima County Democratic Party, co-chair of the Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona Mike Duffey, and former racing commissioner Sylvia Arena. The Tucson veterinary community has been especially helpful, with 99 local veterinarians and 17 certified veterinary technicians having endorsed the Tucson Dog Protection Act.


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  1. Thanks for letting folks know about the initiative. Since the Department of Racing has admitted publicly that they don’t have the funds or personnel to enforce their rules adequately, it’s up to the people to make sure dogs are treated humanely. Go to http://www.tucsondogprotection .com to read the exact wording and to see our impressive list of supporters, including 98 veterinarians!

  2. Yes, thanks for the info. is the full address.

  3. Yes, and here’s the full website address:

  4. This is great news for all racing greyhounds and the humans that love them as well as any other animal under human custody and control. However, isn’t it about time that greyhound racing was made illegal in Arizona? TGP advertises dog racing as family entertainment . PLEASE! If the sporting segment of the Arizona population wants entertainment with injuries, let it focus on boxing. Two humans voluntarily agree to beat the hell out of each other, knowing they may sustain broken bones, facial disfigurement or brain injuries. Greyhounds have not volunteered for such an assignment like broken legs or hocks, and once they no longer make money for their owners, being shunted off to a cage for 22 hours a day, muzzled, with minimal exercise. If Arizona can’t step up to the plate and abolish greyhound racing, let’s hope that the good people of South Tucson will vote ‘YES’ and ensure that racing greyhounds at least receive good care and a decent environment during their racing days, and while awaiting resuce by a greyhound group that wil find them good loving homes.

  5. Hopefully, this link works

    Please go to the website to read about the measures, the endorsements, the positive press and how you can get involved.

    Since this is all grassroots, many volunteers are needed.

    Thank you

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