Corporation Commission Weekend!

As you may have noticed, ScrambleWatch is celebrating the campaigns for Arizona Corporation Commission this weekend. In less than a week, early voting begins in the Sept. 2 primary, so we’re introducing you to the eight Republicans and four Democrats running for the ACC’s three open seats.

(Actually, we could only introduce you to three of the four Democrats because one of them, Sam George, can’t seem to return our phone calls. So if you’re looking for someone who’s responsive, he might not be the guy for you.)

Anyway, the biggest issue in the race regards the Arizona Corporation Commission’s policy regarding a “clean energy” portfolio. Here’s how TW’s Josh Garvey, an intern who has been chasing after these candidates, describes the requirement in this week’s print edition:

Besides having the authority to set utility rates, the ACC has created a renewable energy standard that, as it currently stands, will require utility companies to produce 15 percent of their energy by renewable means by 2025.

Kris Mayes, one of the current commissioners and one of the strongest advocates of the standard, contends that the standard will help preserve the environment and lower electricity costs over time.

The standard has been a contested issue and is currently the subject of a lawsuit by the Goldwater Institute, which claims the ACC overstepped its bounds.

So that’s what the ACC candidates are talking about. See where they stand before you cast your vote.


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