ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Bob Robson on Renewable Energy Standards

As a part of our coverage for the Arizona Corporation Commission race, ScrambleWatch asked Republican Bob Robson about the role of the agency in setting policy about clean energy.

Is the free market the proper mechanism to promote cleaner energy or should government be involved

I think it’s appropriate for the commission to set goals, but I think you need to review them on an annual basis. The market can change and technologies can change as well. You need to keep a fixed and steady hand on where you’re headed.

What do you think of the current Renewable Energy Standard?

I’d like to see nuclear to be part of the portfolio. The other thing is, I’m not certain as to how it could be changed because it’s already spurned billions upon billions of dollars in investment in the state. You have major solar projects coming down the line. I think you need to look at whether the underlying technologies are there, or whether or not you need to perfer more of one category and less of another or look at biomass and those types of stuff as well. It should be very fluid, but it should be with the understanding that we’re going to move forward with renewables.


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