And in This Corner: Paton Vs. Cruz?

Ephraim Cruz

As if all the jockeying between candidates in the Legislative District 29 Seven-Way Super-Slam wasn’t enough, Democrat Ephraim Cruz is now trading jabs with State Rep. Jonathan Paton of Legislative District 30.

Arizona Daily Star political reporter Daniel Scarpinato reports that Cruz took a swipe at Paton in a questionnaire that the morning daily sent around to candidates. In response, Paton brought up Cruz’s child-support lawsuit, which was first revealed here on ScrambleWatch.

Writes Scarpinato:

Jonathan Paton

In response to a light-hearted question — “If you had a reality show, what would it be titled” — Cruz said, “No Legislator Left Behind.”

Explaining further, Cruz, running in Southside District 29 with six other Democrats, said of this imaginary show: “State lawmakers attend the public schools they have shortchanged for the past thirty years. Let’s see if Russell Pearce and Jonathan Paton can pass the AIMS test, shall we?”

Contacted for a response, Paton — who represents District 30 — referenced a case from 2004 in which Cruz had to be taken to court to pay child support. (For more, go here)

“I’m glad Mr. Cruz is so concerned about the welfare of school children, it’s too bad he had to be taken to court to actually pay child support for his own child,” Paton said.

Ouch! We don’t know if this tidbit is going to make it into Scarpinato’s political notebook in the Sunday print edition, but if it does, Cruz has now managed to get the most damaging story of his campaign back into widespread circulation just as early voting starts.

Thanks to The Scarp for the link back to ScrambleWatch!

12 Responses

  1. Zing!!!

    Sounds like Mr. Cruz is for child support. Before, he was against it.

    We’ve all learned that some politicians don’t have to practice what they preach. You can be against a gay anything, and be a homo yourself. Or you can be pro family values, then keep a prostitute on the Roladex for the occasional values release.

  2. Sounds like people should read this and decide for themselves.

  3. You’re right Mr. Lamb. Mr. Cruz was for child support, before he was for a reduction in his support. I stand corrected.

    When and individual decides to run for office they open themselves up to all types of scrutiny, sometimes fair, sometimes frivolous. I’m glad your blog can add some balance to the story and I’m glad we live in country where you have an opportunity to voice your opinions.

  4. Hey! What happened to post number 4??

  5. There are some very serious concerns about Mr. Cruz and his claim to want to be a part of his son’s life as he states in another blog that slams Nintzel’s coverage of Cruz and his paternity suit.

    It’s not just that Cruz has changed key details of his ‘story’ several times with each interview ( a careful reading of all the articles on the coverage will prove this to be true) but ,even more importantly, his claim to be at the ‘MERCY’ of the boys mother for his right to see his son is just complete bullshit. And he knows it.

    The Family Court has the best interests of the ‘community’ as part of it’s procedural law policy.
    That being said Mr. Cruz has every right to see his son if he really wants to.

    The boys mother cannot, willy nilly, withhold the rights of the father to see his son. The court will not allow this. It is not in the best interests of the child for the child not to interact with his father.

    Mr. Cruz, who wants to become our ‘lawmaker’ as our State Rep in LD29 – does not even have a basic understanding of how the law works. And even if he has a fraction of it floating in his head – he is trying to pull the wool over our eyes with all these ‘excuses.”

    A simple remedy is for him to contact the court and make them aware that he is being ‘denied’ the right to visitation rights for his son. If he really wants to be part of the boys life, as he states, then he will follow this intelligent advice.

    Furthermore, I listened to the ‘tape’ of Cruz with Mike Bryant on his Blog for Arizona. Mr Bryant would ask Cruz a question and them ‘lead’ him with Bryants own version of the anwers – putting favorable responses in Cruz’s mouth! Where, I ask Mr. Bryant is the fair and balanced ‘journalism’ in this? LOL!

    I will not post on Mr. Bryants Blog because he wants you to set up a ‘typepad’ account first and then try to nail you personally if he doesn’t like what you say. Once again, no fair and balanced coverage on this topic from Mr. Bryant – this is simply Bryants version of Cruz- right down to telling the guy what to say on tape!

    And, if all of this is REALLY true as Cruz says it is – then why did he wait until now to tell us ALL of this – Nintzel gave him the opportunity in his article “Cruz breaks his silence.” None of this flip-flopping back and forth with 10 different versions of this whole thing, sits well with us as voters – Mr. Cruz.

    Mr. Cruz, you have dug yourself a very, very, deep hole in which you just cannot climb out of. Your 20 something year old campaign manager, Mr. Lamb, should have advised you that if there is anything in your past that is cause for concern – YOU NEED to come out with it before the press does – but then, he seems intent on sabotoging your campaign anyway with all of his ‘advice’.

  6. Blog for Arizona does not require a TypePad account to comment on.

  7. Cruz, not content to bash only his opponents, decided to expand the circle to the other party. It probably sounded like a good idea at the time. Maybe they figured they could make sport of Paton and take attention away from the unwanted attention from this blog. Normally, the Star would not even pay attention to Ephraim Cruz and his campaign beyond the driveby treatment they gave it a few days ago. Unfortunately for Cruz and James, they picked the one Republican who was a big enough media hog to parlay their stupidity into an actual news story. Good job, geniuses! It is almost breathtaking in its incompetence. Now instead of the handful of losers like myself who read this blog who know about Cruz and his legal troubles, the entire readership of the Star does.

  8. Well ms. Jenn,

    Re your reply to Bennie’s post above.

    I did finally find out that I could post on Bryant’s blog without a typepad account – and I did do that.

    You can see that post as comment number 6 if you scroll down to the story with the picture of Ephraim Cruz and his son. I apologize for incorrectly stating that you needed a typepad account.

    Everything Cruz and Lamb have done to date has been to sabotage their own campaign. Wouldn’t you think that, with just a short time away for the primary date that they would be spending their time a little differently?

    I’ll bet all that clean elections money they finally qualified for has gone to their head! Cruz doesn’t work – Lamb sells insurance -part-time. Lamb lists an out of state cell # as his contact # for the campaign. I’ll just bet these boys are out having a good ole time.


    It should be duly noted that you now write the blog for Cruz. Now that Lamb has been chased away by the big boys he has a woman out front doing his bidding.

    GEE, WASN’T IT YOU JENN, that posted the comment to “Tough Lady” agreeing that women shouldn’t let men use them to post comments for them? Wasn’t it you that even blasted Pattersons wife in your post?

    Well and there you are – doing just that for Lamb and Cruz – while agreeing out of the other side of your mouth that women shouldn’t do that!

    WELCOME JENN TO the hypocritical team of Cruz and Lamb! Gotta also watch those audit threats Jenn -The whole – Team Cruz – will run for the hills when that backfires on them.

  10. I am interested in what Mr. Cruz’s son has to do with the issues the south side of Tucson has in LD29. I have sat down with Mr. Cruz on several occations to ask him face to face what his plans are for the state legislature… has anyone else? or is his personal life more important.

    He has the same situation many single fathers in Tucson have. He wants to provide for his child and he does not have a reationship with the mother. In turn he pays child support. He wanted to have the courts handle payment and that required him to be the defendant… hence the court filing. As he is running for office is still looking for work… not unlike many other Tucsonans. That is why he requested to have his payments lowered.

    Out of all the canidates running in LD29 Mr. Cruz is the most realistic. He runs a modist campaign that is not full of boasting and bluster. He is not rich or a common polotician just looking for power in office. He is an honest hard working citizen who wants nothing but the best for Tucson and will be a fighting voice for LD29.

  11. Please do not confuse’ Benny ‘ posts – with Bennie. – posts!

    I have spoken out against Mr. Cruz because that is my right. A primary is supposed to be about who is the most qualified. Clearly, that is not Mr. Cruz.

    And, to say that Mr. Cruz is a honest, hard working citizen – my, my, what on earth are you talking about?!
    There is not one thing that substantiates this as any verifiable truth.

    Mr. Cruz can say anything he wants about his child support issues – or not ever seeing his child – we are never going to be allowed to hear the WOMAN’S side of the story are we Mr. Cruz?!

    And whatever happened to all those receipts he promised to show Jim Nintzel? They never materialized did they.

  12. It is funny how most people who speak out against Mr. Cruz are stating their opinion and want it to be taken as fact. Not unlike the other Bennie… to which I do not want to be confused with either. I support Mr. Cruz for his desire to better schools and improve Tucson transportation. It is up to the voters to hold him to that intention. As for continuing to dissect his personal life as if we are a part of it does not seem to be relevant to this election. None of us know the entire situation of his relationship with his son nor his son’s mother and no matter what is said by Mr. Cruz, individuals like the other Bennie will never be satisfied.

    That is my opinion take it or leave it.

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