The Early Start

We almost forgot to mention: Early voting is underway for the Sept. 2 primary!

Thanks to the new permanent early-voter list created by Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez, more than 105,000 ballots are en route to mailboxes, with more to come.

We’d advise you to wait a couple of weeks for our continuing coverage of the races and our upcoming endorsement package, but if you are determined to just get it over with, you can learn a lot about the races on these pages.

If you want to vote but haven’t yet registered, the clock is ticking. You have until Monday, Aug. 4. You can do it here from your computer.


One Response

  1. So why did F. Ann send out those to people who did NOT request to be on the permanent mailing list? Will they now have trouble voting at the polls?

    She sent one to a friend and then you had to sign and agree to it according to the paperwork. Since she did not want to do that and they had the wrong address anyway, she did not sign it or agree.

    That is really sickening that F. Ann would say these people requested it when they didn’t. How much you want to bet that she went and spammed predominately Democrats? I bet if my friend was a Republican she wouldn’t have gotten this permanent mail-in ballot without requesting it.

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