Robert Robuck: Voter Registration Form “Lost in the Mail”

Democrat Robert Robuck, who hopes that voters will back him over Pima County Supervisor Ramon Valadez in the Sept. 2 primary, has never voted in Pima County.

Robuck, who moved here from Sacramento, Calif., four years ago, says he tried to register once but the form must have been “lost in the mail.”

Robuck only registered to vote in Arizona earlier this year. He insists he always voted when he lived in California, but when he moved to Sahuarita with his family in 2004, he had other things on his mind.

Robuck was first busy building his home and caring for a sick relative. He says that when he finally finished building the house in 2006, he and his wife registered to vote by mail. When they went to vote in the February election, they discovered his wife was registered but he wasn’t.

“Then I postponed it and then I finally filled out the forms and went down to the (MVD) and then made sure I was registered so I could vote in this (upcoming) presidential election,” he says. “At that time I didn’t know I was going to run for office. It wasn’t until April when I threw in my name.”

Robuck says friends have warned him not to say his first attempt to register to vote failed as a result of bad postal service.

“But it’s the truth,” he says. “It got lost in the mail.”


7 Responses

  1. You serious? Lost in the mail? “Tried” to register to vote for four years? Okay, well, ummm, right. Good luck buddy.

  2. I believe him. F. Ann Rodriguez’s office is a mess. A friend STILL cannot get them to correct the error they made on her address and was turned away at the polls one time. The address had been correct and suddenly the recorder’s office decides to change it and made every excuse why they did. This has gone on 5 years. F. Ann then sent out an automatic vote-by-mail listing her wrong address on the voter card but sent to the correct address. That is how messed up they are. And she doesn’t even vote by mail anymore.

    Then there is always the loss of vote too. When we vote in elections and look up our voting history and it shows we did not vote. Let’s face it. Pima county is a mess from the recorders office, the city clerk and the elections division. We need to throw them all out.

  3. What a joke! I’m sure when the voters find out just who Robert Robuck really is they will be happy to vote for Ramon Valdez. Voters should look into his past a little closer.

  4. Anything for publicity!!! I wouldn’t doubt that he didn’t vote in California either!

  5. After sitting through a Pima County Supes meeting, Ramon, needs to go.
    It took him 41/2 hours to finally complete a sentence and wake up.
    Please wake up and make some changes on the PC Board of Supes.
    Have you looked at Ramon’s past, not mich there to re-elect.

  6. May be some one else should throw their hat in the circle. Ask Mr. Robuck just what jobs he’s held down in the last 8 years. If he tells you one then check it out, because as far as I know all he’s done is over see a house being built and that was done 2 years ago,and stay home and let his wife go to work.

  7. Keep it up man.,

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