ScrambleWatch Q&A: Democrat Tom Prezelski on Taxes

Democratic incumbent Tom Prezelski is one of seven candidates running for two seats in the Legislative District 29 House of Representatives Democratic primary that voters will decide on Sept. 2. We asked him some questions about tax policy.

Do you support the permanent repeal of the state property tax?

I’m in favor of letting the repeal lapse. It’s a tax that doesn’t cost most taxpayers very much but it has a tremendous impact on the budget.

Do you support borrowing for school construction?

Yes. Basically because if you pay upfront for construction, you tend to make less responsible decisions about issues like conservation measures, renewable (energy), different kinds of building designs, that sort of thing, so in the long run the state can actually save money by borrowing for school construction because people will be encouraged to make more creative decisions in that regard.

Would you vote for the TIME initiative, which increases the sales tax by a penny per dollar to fund highway, rail and local transportation projects?

Yes, it adds about $6 billion dollars to Pima County (including) $3.4 billion for alternatives, for transit, rail, pedestrian improvements, bicycle improvements–so you have to explain where that $3.4 billion for those important things is gonna come from without the T.I.M.E. initiative.


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