ScrambleWatch Q&A: Democrat Tom Prezelski on Crime

Democratic incumbent Tom Prezelski is one of seven candidates running for two seats in the Legislative District 29 House of Representatives Democratic primary that voters will decide on Sept. 2. We asked him some questions about crime policy.

Should we increase state funding for prison construction?

Only if we analyze the reasons why there’s a need for so many prisons and address those issues as well. Issues like mandatory sentencing, do we prepare prisoners for life on the outside, those sorts of issues–we have to address those issues as well.

Should we have more contracts with private prisons?


Should we spend more on programs that provide prisoners with vocational education while they are behind bars?


Should we look at alternatives to imprisonment for non-violent offenders?

Yes, in fact I supported a bill that did just that last session.

Should the state spend more on programs and facilities for at-risk youth?


Should the state spend more on state and local agencies to fight terrorism?

I think there’s a big question about whether or not there is a terrorism problem. However, a lot of those programs also address emergency preparedness in general and I think that’s something that’s worth continuing spending money on.

Should the state have a “three-strikes” law that puts criminals behind bars for life for a third felony offense?

No, that’s creating all sorts of problems in California and in other places.


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