ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican David Gowan on the Budget

Having made it through the primaries, Republican David Gowan will run against FrankAntenori and Andrea Dalessandro in the general election for one of two seats in Legislative District 30 House of Representatives. We asked him some questions on the budget.


What it is, about 60% of the state budget is education? I know a lot of that is mandatory but we need to get more of the money down into the classrooms and the teachers rather than up in the hierarchy. They are buying their own pencils and paper. You are always seeing advocates saying they want more money, yet the results stay the same.

English Language Learning Programs:

Our hands are tied at the Legislature. There’s not much of a gray area because a federal judge is mandating that we spend a certain amount or they will fine us. I like immersion better because I know it works. That’s the way that the people did it when they came to Ellis Island.

Emergency preparedness:

I don’t have all the factors on that. That is a vital area and we would have to look hard at cutting something like that. With so many issues involved, that’s what we pay our taxes for.


I won’t know if we are spending enough until I have that issue directly in front of me. For water, I know that down in my area the state Legislature has given the power to a local board.

Health care:

I believe that we should allow people to be able to shop out-of-state as well as in-state to look for the best deals out there. I also believe local businesses should be able to look for the best insurance out there, get their employees health insurance for the price that major companies get their health care. I also like the heath care expense accounts. If we can get it back to the free enterprise we are better off.

Law enforcement:

We shouldn’t cut our law enforcement. It goes back to the services of the public. That’s why the government is established, to protect that. I would say the funding is probably just right but I would go along with an increase.

Transportation and highway infrastructure:

We need to make sure the money stays in the intended areas. I know that the legislature has been robbing from many different areas. I think we should have a specific fund for transportation money rather then the general fund. The Legislature, when they’re in session again, is going to have a big headache figuring out how to budget for a two billion dollar deficit.


I think we are alright for now in that area.


We are probably right where we need to be at the moment.


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