Giffords’ Latest Fundraising Report: $230K

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords reports raising $230,000 over the last six weeks.

As of last week, when this reporting period ended, Giffords had $2,147,240 remaining in the bank for her re-election campaign.

“We were pleased,” says Giffords campaign manager Zach Wineburg, who expects that Republican Tim Bee will report a much higher take as a result of a fundraiser headlined by President George W. Bush.

The Bee campaign has not yet released a report, which is due tomorrow.

Democrats have recently complained that the Bush fundraiser cost local taxpayers more than $99,000 in law-enforcement costs. has a breakdown of contributions to both Bee and Giffords through June 30.

Here is the press release from Giffords:

TUCSON — Giffords for Congress announced today that 1,235 contributors paved the way for its latest fundraising success: $230,000 in the six weeks.

According to a federal financial disclosure report released today, more than 500 new donors contributed to the campaign to elect Gabrielle Giffords to her second term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The average contribution from individuals for this reporting period, which includes money raised between July 1 and August 13, was $126.

“This should tell you something about Gabrielle Giffords,” said Campaign Chair Michael McNulty. “Men and women from all walks of life appreciate the way she is standing up for Southern Arizona. They like the job she is doing and they want to keep her as their voice in Washington”

Of the $230,744.26 raised this reporting period:

• 91 percent of individuals’ contributions were from Arizona;

• 88 percent of individuals’ contributions were $200 or less;

• 48 percent of donors were first time contributors to the campaign;

• 12 percent of the Arizona donors were Republicans; and

• 12 percent of the Arizona donors were Independents.

“These donors know that Gabrielle Giffords is a tireless champion of their interests,” McNulty said. “They know she is working hard on a range of important issues, from promoting energy solutions like solar, to supporting our veterans. Gabrielle reflects their priorities and they know she is bringing Arizona common sense to Washington.”

Since the November 2006 election, Giffords for Congress has received 6,177 contributions from individuals. At the close of this reporting period, the campaign had $2,147,240.21 on-hand. It has raised a total of $2,718,266.

“The large number of individual contributors is a clear indication of the kind of deep ‘cactus roots’ support that Gabrielle Giffords has,” McNulty said. “This will be tough campaign but Gabrielle knows she has the people on her side.”


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