ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Trent Humphries on the Environment

Trent Humphries is one of three candidates running for a seat in the Legislative District 26 House of Representatives GOP primary that voters will decide on Sept. 2. We asked him some questions on environmental policy.

Do you support allowing state trust land to be set aside for conservation without payment to the trust?

Oh definitely not. That’s a promise we made to are children and I don’t think we have any right to void that promise. Arizona has done a great job with our trust land and I would hate to see us blow it.

Should the state set fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks sold in Arizona?

I’m not sure that’s appropriate. I think that would be over-stepping the boundaries of what a state should be regulating.

Should the state increase gasoline taxes to pay for highway construction?

I would like to see us not increase taxes at all. If it comes down to it and that’s the only way to do it then maybe but I still don’t want to see us raise taxes.

Should the state require new schools to incorporate renewable-energy features such as solar panels if it will increase construction costs?

I actually went to the first solar powered elementary school in the western United States and if you go back there now, they’ve all been taken down because it wasn’t efficient. So until renewable energy is a cost saver for the school system, I don’t see why we should waste school resources.

Should the state continue to provide tax credits for solar installation?

Yes. Especially on the local level because it’s important to have that infrastructure available for when solar power does become affordable and we will have companies that can provide that service. There are people who want to make that sacrifice and we should make it easier for them.

Should the state enact environmental rules that are stricter than current federal regulations?

No. I don’t think that is the role of the state. Its global warming, not Arizona warming.


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