ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Vic Williams on the Environment

Vic Williams is one of three Republicans running in the Legislative District 26 House of Representatives primary that voters will decide Sept. 2. We asked him some questions about environmental policy.

Do you support allowing some state trust land to be set aside for conservation without payment to the trust?

In general, I would work to protect the safety of our land trust to ensure it continues to fund public education.

Should the state set fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks sold in Arizona?

I believe our state standards should be inline with whatever federal mandates are already on the books.

Should the state require new schools to incorporate renewable energy features such as solar panels if it will increase construction costs?

I believe the state should only incorporate mandates if they have immediate payback to the infrastructure. Any addition to construction cost has to be done with a cost analysis to see if it has a long-term benefit. If it brings down the operational cost of the schools, then I would support it.

Should the state continue to provide tax credits for solar installation?

Yes, if it’s current policy then I see no reason to change at this time.

Should the state should enact environmental rules that are stricter than current federal regulations?

No it should not.


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