Air War: TV Ads Debut in LD 29 Seven-Way Super Slam!

Two Democrats in the crowded Legislative District 29 Seven-Way Super-Slam are using their Clean Elections bucks to air TV ads.

Ephraim Cruz shows off his weightlifting skills…

…while Daniel Patterson visits a local playground.

2 Responses

  1. Holy Crap! Patterson bagged himself a cougar! Grrrrrowl! Better watch out, Daniel, Elaine is gonna tear you up!

    So I got a couple of questions about the ad:

    1. We see Daniel in the Jim Click golf shirt thing at the playground and then we see him at the playground in his suit. Did he like go home and change? It’s kinda strange if you ask me. Back in New Zealand playgrounds aren’t really a formal affair, but Daniel’s there in his Sunday best.

    2. This one’s not just limited to Daniel, it goes for Ephraim too. TV ads ain’t cheap (although looking at the production values for both ads, I don’t think Braebender Cox has much to worry about in next year’s pollie awards) and they typically are broadcast to the whole southern az region, but these two guys have a primary with a very finite number of voters. With a voter list and nerd on a computer you could probably target the very folks who are voting with a mailer, so why pay for something that goes all the way out to Oro Valley?

  2. Choadie, I discuss the question you raise in this new post on

    Check it out and tell me what you think.

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