Frank Talk: Antenori’s Response to GOP Activist Pete Davis

Republican Frank Antenori, who is seeking a seat in Legislative District 30, asked that we post his full letter responding to GOP activist Pete Davis’ denouncement of him following our report on fundraising in Legislative District 30.

I certainly miss spoke in some of my comments to the Tucson Weekly. Between the contorted public funding mechanisms of campaigns here in Arizona and my passionate opposition to weakening of the Employer’s Sanction Law, I let frustration take over. I should have never let that happen, and rest assured it won’t happen again.

I also should have left David and Sharon out of what is clearly a policy disagreement between me and the other candidate.  I have spoken with both of them privately and apologized for my poor choice of words.

It would have been nice to have Mr. Davis on my side and I hope we can settle our differences so he may some day reconsider supporting my candidacy.

It is precisely because I do have a moral compass that I am passionately dedicated to ending what is clearly the exploitation of people entering our country illegally.

The draw from illegal jobs, offered by unscrupulous employers that only seek cheap labor, has led to countless human lives lost crossing the desert, in rollover accidents from overloaded vehicles, and countless other atrocities at the hands of human smugglers, not to mention the staggering cost to taxpayers.

It is because I do have a moral compass that I favor the level playing field for ALL businesses that the Employer Sanctions Law provides with a quick and accurate validation of employee eligibility that actually protects honest employers from sanctions and protects honest businesses from those trying to gain an unfair advantage by employing those here illegally.

It is because I do have reasoned judgment, formed from two years of firsthand border security experience in the Southwest and abroad, that I know Mr. Sposito’s advocacy of shifting border enforcement to “securing the border at the border” cannot and will not work.  Mr. Sposito outlined his views on Arizona policy with regard to Border Security and Illegal Immigration in a Tucson Citizen interview that can be seen by anyone at:

The US Border Patrol rightfully employs a layered border defense, at the border and with inland checkpoints.  The State of Arizona augments the federal effort with actions such as Employer Sanctions Law that works to end one of the incentives for people to enter our state illegally.  Another area we can help the federal government is in the area of strengthening Identity Theft laws and empowering State Law Enforcement Officers to assist the Border Patrol with enforcement.

Individuals that support Mr. Sposito may interpret me highlighting these differences as a negative attack when in reality it is a legitimate policy distinction between our campaigns.

I am happy to stand by my campaign finance report and will let Mr. Sposito’s report speak for itself.  I will leave further analysis of this to the pundits and the reporters.

Mr. Sposito cannot legitimately stand for stopping illegal immigration. With his clear endorsement of the Stop Illegal Hiring Act, an act that actually undermines the current Employers Sanction Law and support for his candidacy by those that likewise oppose the current Employer’s Sanction Law, Mr. Sposito and I certainly have a different vision of Illegal Immigration and Border Security policy for voters to choose from.

I remain focused on delivering my message of a vibrant Arizona economy via lower taxes, responsible government spending, improved education and a secure border to the voters of District 30.

If you have any questions please contact me and if anyone asks where I stand on the issues please forward this e-mail to them.


Frank Antenori

Here’s Pete Davis’ original e-mail message to Republicans. He mixes up Sharon Collins, who is running against Antenori in District 30, and Cindy Collins (no relation to Sharon), who helping with her campaign.

My Fellow Republicans: I am sending you a copy of this despecable news article from the Tucson Weekly. I have been a supporter of Frank Antenori and can not tell you how disappointed I am in Frank’s lack of Judgement. I called Frank this morning and told him that I could no longer support his Candidacy. I told him that I do not believe that he has a moral compass nor the termperament to represent District # 30. Each and every one of you must decide this for yourselves. I am now supporting Doug Sposito and Cindy Collins.

Pete Davis


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