Napolitano at DNC: “LET’S DO IT!”

Yesterday was a busy but exciting day. We were bombarded with speeches and differing opinions throughout the day but one that remained constant was that AZ is mobilizing for Obama and that AZ is in a very good spot to push the Obama agenda. Everyone in the AZ delegation believed that it’s quite possible to turn AZ into an Obama state.

We started the morning by attending the AZ State Delegation breakfast. I sat at a table with Prescott delegates, many of whom expressed their stories of getting involved with AZ politics. As I picked the brains of these knowledgeable and welcoming delegates, a man approached the podium to introduce Jim Pederson, Co-Chair of the AZ Delegation. Pederson spoke briefly and commended AZ’s diversity and tribal leadership.

The next speaker was highly enthusiastic about making AZ blue. Governor Janet Napolitano took the podium and expressed her feelings about bringing Denver back to AZ.

“All conventions share a spirit and excitement and commitment and recommitment and we’ll take that commitment back to Arizona,” said Gov. Napolitano.

While Gov. Napolitano was very proud of her delegation and national party, she did acknowledge that there is some room for repair within her state party.

“We still have some work to do in Arizona and we’re pledged to do it,” said Gov. Napolitano.

Napolitano left the room shortly after to speak to other state delegations but not before she echoed, once again, her excitement for her state party.

“We’ve got a campaign goin’ on! LET’S DO IT,” boomed Napolitano.

Howard Dean then spoke about being concerned with AZ’s Obama Force. He even presented AZ delegates with a challenge: knock on 25 doors, three times, between now and November.

“We’re going to be serious about Arizona. One of the best delegations that is the best in shape is AZ and that’s thanks to Janet Napolitano and Jim Pederson,” said Dean, “but this election’s not going to be won by me or by Governor Napolitano, it’s going to be won by you.”


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