No Reservations: Will Bee Get Help From NRCC?

Bad news for Republican Tim Bee’s congressional campaign against Democrat Gabrielle Giffords in Congressional District 8: Politico is reporting that the National Republican Congressional Committee has reserved ad time for the first round of television spots–and Bee is not on the rather short list.

From the report: “GOP lawmakers will focus more money and manpower on protecting their own this fall than on chipping away at the Democrats’ majority.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already reserved roughly $700K in advertising time to help Giffords, although they could cancel that buy.

Politico notes that more money could be flowing to neglected campaigns before Election Day:

The NRCC is breaking from tradition somewhat by reserving early airtime; in past election cycles — when Republicans typically outraised Democrats by significant margins — the committee would wait until later in the cycle to maintain an element of surprise.

NRCC Chairman Tom Cole, a veteran campaign operative, has done what he can to stretch a dollar since it became clear that Republicans had lost their fundraising edge.

By making its reservations early, the NRCC tips its hand to surrogates, like Freedom’s Watch, that have more money to spend on the air this fall. That should help the campaign committee spread the financial burden.

House Republicans outraised the DCCC last month — $9.19 million compared with $6 million — for the first time since they lost control of the chamber. But the Democrats still have more than $40 million more in the bank than the Republicans do.


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