Obama Pollster: McCain Will Win AZ

While on assignment at the DNC, we spoke with an Obama pollster about the campaign yesterday. He focused a lot on the key Obama theme: Change.

“This election is about one thing and one thing only. It’s about change,” said Joel Benenson, Obama campaign pollster.

He echoed much of what the general media has already indicated. He noted that through his polls, the No. 1 issues with voters is the economy. Most Americans, according to Obama polls, feel resentment towards Washington politics.

“The biggest issue that Americans feel is that the system has been rigged against them,” said Benenson. “The American people feel that their voice is shut out.”

Benenson also mentioned the danger of buying too much into public polls. He cautioned people to be wary of “wild swings” where polls change drastically from week to week. Benenson disputed the McCain campaign’s suggestion that Obama is going to come away from the convention with a 15-point lead. Benenson believed that their wouldn’t be any poll bump over 2 points.

Benenson spoke briefly about the McCain campaign and who he believed would be a good strategic pick for the Republican vice presidential pick.

“I would pick Joe Lieberman,” said Benenson, who added that McCain “despises Mitt Romney.”

Benenson dampened the notion that Obama could win Arizona, which is not included on a list of 18 key battleground states.

“John McCain’s going to win in Arizona, but it’s not going to be a blowout,” said Benenson.


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