Scramblewatch Q&A: Republican David Gowan on Higher Ed

Republican David Gowan is one of four candidates running for a seat in Legislative District 30 House of Representatives. We asked him some questions on education policy.

Should the state provide more funding for universities?

I would have to look at a line-item budget to figure that out.

With a two billion dollar deficit, it depends if that is a necessity or is it frivolous?

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for in-state students?

We’ve got to rely on them-that’s why they are a board. Then we go in and do a countercheck.

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for out-of-state students?

I think it is appropriate that the out-of-state is a little higher.

Should tuition money be used to provide financial aid for low-income students?

Yes, I believe that. It helps them out and again, we want a good standard.

Was it a good idea for the Legislature to allow the Board of Regents to borrow more than a billion dollars for capital projects, with the expectation that the bonds could be paid back through lottery proceeds?

No, to expect others to buy lottery tickets and fund our $2 billion deficit is insane.

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