Scramblewatch Q&A: Sharon Collins on Higher Ed

Sharon Collins is one of four GOP candidates running for Legislative District 30 House of Representatives. We asked her some questions on higher education.

Should the state provide more funding for universities?

I didn’t like what they did with the bricks and mortar this year but I’m a big supporter of education. People are disappointed with our education system.

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for in-state students?

No, because that money doesn’t go back into the classroom. The professors are only required to teach four hours a day and I don’t think that’s right.

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for out-of-state students?

No, it’s the same thing.

Should tuition money be used to provide financial aid for low-income students?


Was it a good idea for the Legislature to allow the Board of Regents to borrow more than a billion dollars for capital projects, with the expectation that the bonds could be paid back through lottery proceeds?


One Response

  1. People like Collins just don’t get it. Higher education is an engine of economic growth. The universities are laying people off, its workers have gone two years with real raises, and our professors are now 17% behind the national average in salary.

    We don’t need people like Collins in our legislature. There are far too many like her there already.

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