ScrambleWatch Q&A: Eric Carbajal Bustamante on Higher Education

Eric Carbajal Bustamante is one of the seven candidates running for two seats in the Legislative District 29 House of Representatives Democratic primary that voters will decide on Sept. 2. We asked him some questions about higher education.

Should the state provide more funding for universities?


Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for in-state students?

I support a tuition freeze for students entering college.

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for out-of-state students?


Should tuition money be used to provide financial aid for low-income students?

Yes. High tuition rates can discourage low-income students from attending college. Our state universities should continue a commitment to socio-economic diversity.

Was it a good idea for the Legislature to allow the Board of Regents to borrow more than a billion dollar for capital projects, with the expectation that the bonds could be paid back through lottery proceeds?

I support investing in our universities so that they can become world-class institutions. Creating an educated workforce in Tucson attracts industry and creates jobs.

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