Howard Dean: Youth Vote Will Make It or Break It

At the DNC last week, almost one-fifth of elected delegates were under the age of 35 and of the total Democratic delegation in Denver, about 16 percent of the delegates were young people. The committee made an effort to appeal to this demographic by letting various youth groups take center stage at convention events.

DNCC Chairman Howard Dean spoke directly to youth voters and delegates by encouraging them to register friends, knock on doors, and work their social network. Dean tried to strengthen the youth population’s belief that they can make a significant difference in this election.

“Your generation is going to mean the difference between sending Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the White House and not,” said Dean at a DNC Youth Council meeting.

Dean also encouraged every young person that was not elected to some kind of public office to run. Dean and other DNC members were already looking to the next convention by telling young people to return as delegates and supporters.

“You are our affirmation,” said Dean.

Thank you to all that read during the convention. It was an experience I won’t forget.

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