Board of Supes: Incumbents Returning to Office

Judging from the early returns and a few precincts, it appears the incumbent supervisors will be returning to office.


Ann Day: 55 percent

Joe Higgins: 45 percent


Ramon Valadez: 70 percent

Robert Robuck: 30 percent


Sharon Bronson: 58 percent

Donna Branch-Gilby: 42 percent


3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth,

    The voters have spoken and you and your cronie, robert robuck have gone down. Smear campaigns never work. If you really want what’s best for the district, you should get involved.

  2. Ariel Brady

    What a gracious winner you are. *not* Gone down? The only loser here is Pima County and the residents, although I hear Mr. Valedez was once a decent, responsive person Maybe he can be again? I am not a loser, nor is Mr. Robuck.

    This is indicative of how Mr. Valdez’s campaign has been run. The falsehoods continually spread, and corruption, coupled with voter apathy and disenchantment have spoken, therefore you are correct.

    You are incorrect in one aspect. Smear campaigns do work, as has been proven by the success of Mr. Valadez’s.

    I have been very involved in community volunteerism for quite some time and I appear to know more about District 2 than you do. I am inspired by Mr Robuck. I admire him for what he has had to endure. I admire him for his courage and his integrity. Not many ordinary citizens would have been willing to challenge a career politician, nor been as successful as he was.

    If I were you and Mr. Valadez, I would ask myself how did a complete political novice manage to get the amount of votes he did in a primary when he had to learn everything from scratch in 5 months?

    I think the doorbell is ringing and someone might want to listen.

    My congratulations to Mr. Valadez.

  3. LOL.

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