Meth McCain

One more from Stephen Colbert’s Make McCain Exciting Green Screen Challenge.


3 Responses

  1. Mr. Nintzel,

    With all of the controversy going on with the ballot counts in Pima County and the close election in LD 26 you would think a reputable political reporter might be inclined to post something about it.

    Instead you post this sophomoric garbage probably done by an eight-year-old on his mommy’s laptop.

    You and your paper’s credibility are going south fast. Luckily for you, most people don’t even know this website exists and won’t bother to read these comments, let alone see the tripe you publish.


  2. And have you seen the Sarah Palin nudes and bikini picture circulating the net? Hurry Duke! Save sexy Sarah from the evil bloggers!

    I must say, almost every Weekly I’ve ever picked up ends up in the trash (or the recycling bin) where it belongs! Thanks for saving the planet Jim Nintzel and not putting the Scramblewatch dribble onto newsprint.

  3. Hey Duke,

    I appreciate that you’re eager to read what I have to say about the primary election, but you’ll just have to be a little more patient. I took the weekend off to spend some time in Flagstaff and was waiting for the final vote count to finish crunching the numbers. We’ll have something up pretty soon for your reading enjoyment, I promise!

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