Cruzing Out of Town

Ephriam Cruz, who lost his bid for a House seat in Legislative District 29, has apparently decided that if he can’t serve southern Arizona in the House of Representatives, the next best thing he could do for the state is leave.

According to campaign manager James Lamb, Cruz is heading back to New York.  This less than two weeks after his crushing sixth-place defeat in the seven way democratic primary race.

Cruz has led a “tumultous” life with at least a few relationships and ending badly, topped by his primary loss. As a Border Patrol agent, Cruz was forced to resign after allegedly smuggling a Mexican woman into the United States. He’s had legal issues over child support payments here in Arizona and doesn’t want to talk about the kid he has back in New York.

Still, ScrambleWatch thought we’d have Ephriam Cruz to kick around for another election or two. On primary night, despite the ominous count on the first batch of ballots, Cruz was smiling and joking that “elections happen.”

According to Lamb, Cruz has “opportunities” and family he wants to see back in New York.

So long and good luck, Mr. Cruz.


One Response

  1. This revelation surprises no one. Cruz has been chased out of town by his own past. Lamb should go next.

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