Tucson Weekly Endorsement: Cage, Wright, Jorgensen in District 26

Cheryl Cage

Cheryl Cage

Senate: Democrat Cheryl Cage

House: Democrats Nancy Young Wright and Don Jorgensen

Legislative District 26 is a vital swing district to the Democrats’ hopes of winning the Arizona House of Representatives and narrowing the gap in the Arizona Senate.

At a time when the state is facing a severe economic crisis, we need someone who has a better solution than simply cutting taxes and slashing government spending. Cheryl Cage is an experienced businesswoman who believes in developing a working government, not simply starving it until it’s too crippled to function any longer. She wisely calls for protecting education during the current economic crisis and opposes more tax cuts that will only force the state to sink even deeper into a

Nancy Young Wright

financial hole. She also wants the state to stop bickering about whether guns belong on elementary-school campuses and start tackling the bigger questions that face us: How do we best reform water policy? How do we pay for transportation? How do we ensure that all Arizonans have access to decent health care?

Nancy Young Wright proved herself during her tenure on the Amphi School Board, where she rooted out a culture of corruption and insider dealing; voters eventually booted out the old guard that tried to intimidate her into silence. We’re confident that she would continue to support the right causes–protecting the environment, improving education and providing health care to Arizona’s least fortunate.

Don Jorgensen

Don Jorgensen, who is making his first run for public office, also impresses us with his understanding of the health-care industry and his support for education, the environment and clean energy.

The GOP slate of candidates–Al Melvin, Marilyn Zerull and Vic Williams–offer a lot of rhetoric about smaller government and the magic of the free market. Well, we’ve seen in recent weeks just how well that deregulated free market works out–as long as taxpayers are there to provide a $700 billion bailout.

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