Tucson Weekly Endorsement: Dalessandro in District 30 House

Although you have two votes in the House race, we’re urging you to vote for just one candidate: Democrat Andrea Dalessandro. This single-shot strategy increases the possibility that Dalessandro will beat out at least one of her GOP opponents, Frank Antenori and David Gowan, for one of the two seats.

Not only would a Dalessandro victory help the Democrats in their fight to retake the House; it would also prevent at least one of the Republicans from taking office. Both Antenori and Gowan are far too eager to slash government spending, whether it’s on programs that help battered women, provide health care or protect the environment. Both Republicans offer simple solutions because they can’t be bothered to study up on how government works. We’ll be stuck with at least one of them; it would be of great benefit to Southern Arizona if we weren’t stuck with both.


6 Responses

  1. I’m, glad to see the weekly gave the kiss of death to Andrea.

    David and Frank are probably already picking out the carpet and drapes for their new office.

    Way to go Jim. Keep up the good work!

  2. I have met Andrea – she is a nice lady. I have now told you more about Ms. Delassandro than the article and endorsement did. The endorsement is all ideology, and ideology that does not fly in the 30th. The endorsement has nothing to do with the candidate, as clearly demonstrated by the article.

    Mr, Antenori is well studied on government, business, taxes, and the needs of his soon to be constituents.

    Are the Tucson Weekly and ScrambleWatch 08 really opposing smaller government in the light of a massive budget deficit brought on by the Governor’s spending programs? Seems to me that The Tucson Weekly and ScranbleWatch 08 have not bothered to study up on government.

    Frank Antenori is a principles person, who is issue oriented. He is not a general ideology guy, but rather he takes each issue one at a time. Anyone who has heard him speak – you know at those many debates and forums, which the Tucson Weekly does not cover – knows that Frank is well versed on the issues of the 30th LD and knows what the voters desires are. This appears to be more that we can say about the Tucson Weekly and ScrambleWatch 08.

  3. Wow, with the powerhouse endorsement of the Weekly, you’d think that Andrea Dalessandro’s supporters would not have to resort to sending people around the district to illegally take down Frank Antenori’s signs. What’s next? Dead people voting for Andrea?

  4. Actually, Frank is the one who wants to let dead people vote, along with all the other non-voters he would count when deciding some propositions (with his support the Majority Rules prop).

  5. Kenneth, you can disagree with all us all you want, but you’re wrong about whether we cover forums/debates./etc. ScrambleWatch had a piece on the District 30 forum just last week.


  6. Jim, there is no law against supporting or opposing ballot props. There is a law against removing signs for a candiate. Some people are learning this the hard way.

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