Tucson Weekly Endorsement: Paton in District 30 Senate

In his two terms in the House, Jonathan Paton has pushed for government accountability. He hasn’t tried to cripple government, but has instead tried to find ways to make it work better. We don’t agree with him on everything–he’s too willing to believe that all tax cuts will automatically benefit the overall economy–but he has pushed to open government records to the press, fixed loopholes that left private medical records at risk and fought for reform of Child Protective Services to ensure that the agency works more closely with law enforcement when children are in danger.

Besides, since Republicans are almost certain to hang on to their majority in the Arizona Senate, it would be helpful to have at least one experienced lawmaker in the GOP caucus from Southern Arizona who has proven he can work with Democrats and battle for Southern Arizona’s interests.

Paton’s Democratic opponent, Georgette Valle, seems to have her heart in the right place–but the former Washington state lawmaker was consistently criticized by Seattle-area media as being ineffective and unaccomplished in office. While we admire Valle’s heart, the last thing Southern Arizona needs is an ineffective representative in Phoenix.


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