Tucson Weekly Endorsement: Barack Obama for President of the United States

If the bungled war in Iraq, the failure to finish the job in Afghanistan, the pathetic response to Hurricane Katrina and the ever-spiraling national debt haven’t yet persuaded you that Republican rule of our country has been a complete and utter disaster, then perhaps the looming economic catastrophe that lawmakers are now trying to avoid through a $700 billion bailout will open your eyes.

It is, as they say, time for a change, America–a sentiment that even Republican John McCain shares, although he seems to be offering mostly the same-old, same-old when he talks about his actual policies on the campaign trail.

Barack Obama represents real change–a health-care proposal that does more than offer tax credits, a tax plan that does more than offer big breaks to the same wealthy Wall Street cheats who have nearly wrecked the economy with their greedy wizardry, and an international policy that may not alienate the rest of the world.

Once upon a time, we admired John McCain’s principled stand against the insanity of the Bush tax cuts, his willingness to speak out against religious bigots like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and his sincere belief in crafting a real solution to America’s border mess. But unfortunately, as long as he remained a maverick, he wasn’t going to win the GOP nomination for the presidency of the United States. And so this man, who wants us to believe he wouldn’t put politics before the welfare of the nation, tossed aside those principles in pursuit of the White House.

The absolute worst example? His decision that of all the people in the entire nation eligible to be president, the best qualified to be his running mate was Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. This was nothing more than a political calculation designed to excite the GOP base. It certainly had nothing to do with finding the best and the brightest to take over the country should something happen to him. Palin can’t even handle an interview with the press corps–is she really able to handle negotiations with other countries?

Vote Barack Obama for president.

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