Tucson Weekly Endorsement: Clarence Dupnik for Pima County Sheriff

Clarence W. Dupnik has been Pima County’s sheriff for 28 years, and this year is challenged by Republican Harry Shaw, a former law-enforcement officer and corrections official.

Sure, for the last five years, Dupnik has gone over his budget by several million dollars each year–but Dupnik is no Sheriff Joe Arpaio. County officials have gotten to know Dupnik over the years, and when immigration and border issues have gotten ugly, the Board of Supervisors and community activists have been able to successfully work with Dupnik and his department leaders. It’s better for us and our border partners to work with the cowboy we know–and who has done a capable job for almost three decades–rather than a cowboy who’s just hitting the rodeo circuit.

Vote Dupnik.


7 Responses

  1. Who are the border partners? Why is illegal immigration up? Why are 33% of the violent crimes committed by illegal aliens? This shows beyond any uncertainty that Sheriff Dupnik still stands behind his 2005 Arizona Daily Star statement that he would not enforce any immigration laws. You are righ. He is no Joe Arpaio who follows the law and enforces it. Why did Dupnik have a vote of no confidence by the deputies? Why can’t he stay in budget? By the way Dupnik stated to the Star and Citizen that he has only worn a cowboy hat twice. Both times for the Giffords commercials. Also I was a Lieutenant for the Arizona Department of Corrections and the Complex Commander here in Tucson. I have never participated in a rodeo and neither has Dupnik. Fact Dupnik can’t ride a horse and my web site shows that I can, along with my motorcycle, and I’m also a pilot. Before you slam someone you should do better research
    Have a great day.
    Harry Shaw The Next Sheriff of Pima County

  2. So, Harry, based on your well crafted response to the mean old Tucson Weekly, I want to make sure everybody understands what you see are the key differences between Harry Shaw and Dupnik:

    1. Immigration is up on Dupnik’s watch (although with the economy going downhill immigration is going to be down–does Clarence get credit for that?)

    2. Deputies don’t like Clarence.

    3. Clarence was never in a rodeo.

    4. Clarence has only worn a cowboy hat twice.

    5. Clarence can’t ride a horse. Harry can!

    6. Harry can ride a motorcycle too.

    7. Harry’s a pilot too. Did you know that?

    I would normally pass this off as a candiate’s idea of a joke, but I get the feeling Harry takes this cowboy hat and rodeo stuff pretty seriously.

    Harry’s other major point is that Clarence is no Sheriff Joe. You are correct in that, Harry. In Maricopa County there have been over 75,000 unserved warrants. 45,000 of them are felony warrants. Joe’s too busy talking to reporters to be bothered with rounding these scumbags up. Clarence actually picks people up.

  3. Harry – Thanks for writing in. You may have proved why we didn’t endorse you.

  4. I had the personal displeasure of running into a campaign worker distributing Harry Shaw’s literature at the county fairgrounds a few weeks ago. The campaign worker couldn’t articulate a single coherent position on an issue in the sheriff’s race, and personally insulted me. My first thought was that Harry Shaw would be embarrased to have this fool represent him. Then as I walked away, literature in hand, I looked at the brochure photo and realized this imbecile was the candidate himself! Enough said – Dupnik has my vote.

  5. I watched both candidates on KVOA channel 6, a few weeks ago. After hearing Shaw’s attempt to explain his position on issues, I fully understand why I, a life long Republican needs to vote for Dupnik (Democrat).

    Then I researched the resumes of both people. I have have at ask myself why Shaw has bounced around to multiple jobs while Clarence has held the same position since the early 80s.

    I do not care what kind of hat a man wears. It is what goes into the hat that is important.

  6. Well we certainly told Mr. Shaw. But Eric Paulley it was KUAT Kvoa is chn.4..
    Randy Peterson, Spoken like a true Democrate, one who believes in abortions.
    Choadie MacDougal, I think the pint that he was trying to make is Dupnik is too ild, he’ll pass the job onto another with out your permission. Just like he did when he deputized the BP agents.
    But let’s face it folks. Prayer would be better than a few name callings.

  7. I want to thank those people for killing 75 people this year so far when you voted for Dumnik.

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