ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican David Gowan on Higher Education

Republican David Gowan is facing Republican Frank Antenori and Democrat Andrea Dalessandro in the race for two seats in Legislative District 30. We asked him some questions on higher education.

Should the state provide more funding for universities?

I would have to look at a line-item budget to figure that out. With a two billion dollar deficit, it depends if that is a necessity or is it frivolous.

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for in-state students?

We’ve got to rely on them–that’s why they are a board. Then we go in and do a countercheck.

Should the Board of Regents increase tuition for out-of-state students?

I think it is appropriate that the out-of-state is a little higher.

Should tuition money be used to provide financial aid for low-income students?

Yes, I believe that. It helps them out and again, we want a good standard.

Was it a good idea for the Legislature to allow the Board of Regents to borrow more than a billion dollars for capital projects, with the expectation that the bonds could be paid back through lottery proceeds?

No, to expect others to buy lottery tickets and fund our $2 billion deficit is insane.


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