Napolitano on Joe the Plumber

We asked Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano about the story of Joe the Plumber today while she was on a campaign stop to motivate Southern Arizona Democrats.

Napolitano said the plumber’s story about planning to buy a business wasn’t holding much water and he appeared to be the kind of citizen who would benefit more under an Obama administration.

“McCain’s been a senator for 26 years and I haven’t seen him help a ‘Joe the Plumber’ yet,” she said.

Speaking of benefiting from an Obama administration, we asked Napolitano if she would be sticking around the state or moving to Washington, D.C., if Obama were to win the presidency.

“I’m not looking for another job,” Napolitano said.

But that’s no guarantee she wouldn’t take one if an offer were to come along…

5 Responses

  1. Joe is really an ironic campaign pony for McCain to trot out, when the guy is really the subconscious enemy of the exact people to whom he is trying to appeal among the “working class” and “small business.” I understand that the McCain campaign simply wants an everyman symbol upon whom they can hang talking points about “socialism,” but something is really, seriously, and mind-bogglingly absent in the discussion about him. It shows just how ignorant and out of touch the McCain campaign has become, because do they even know how unpopular unlicensed contractors are among respectable, licensed, private contractors? Do they know of their horrendous reputation among clients as fraudulent, polluting, truant, tax-dodging, and lazy people? Sincerely. There is a reason that these guys don’t have licenses, and guess what, it’s not incidental! Typically it’s so they can evade taxes, not pay their workers fairly (typically illegal immigrants), to evade environmental restrictions (such as not dumping job waste on the freeway), and to dodge a host of ethics laws which small businesses have to abide. It’s funny because it shows that there is really no bottom to the self-defeating tactics of the McCain campaign. But it’s also a disappointing and searing reminder of how little the “anti-elite” elite knows about the middle and working class. WOW. Just WOW.


  3. Jesse Waite it would be helpful if you could support your accusations about “Joe the Plumber”. Your conjecture is simply amazing. How well do you know him? Just how many illegal aliens does he employ?

    Remember, this man was approached by Obama in his own driveway, and he simply asked Obama a question. It was the answer that revealed a whole lot about Obama – spread the wealth around!

    Should any citizen, who simply asks a question of a politician who comes to his home, be eviscerated by both the Democrat Party and the Obama media as “Joe” has been. If citizens are silenced and are unable or afraid to ask questions, then our nation is finished. It appears that the Obama campaign and the Obama media are not fully for free speech.

    What Joe is or is not has no bearing. What Joe asked and the answer he was given are the important pieces to the event.

  4. Kenneth Moyes,

    Hey, I respectfully agree with with you. But only in the sense that you fail to make the distinction between Joe-the-Plumber the archetype and Joe-Werzelbacher the individual. Conservatives seize on criticism of Joe-the-Plumber at the cost of such a distinction, and the media has often played into this spin. In regard to Joe W., I like the guy even if I disagree with him. But if the McCain campaign wants to make Joe-the-Plumber the archetype into a springboard for making radical claims of “socialism,” then not only are they the ones who are at fault for slandering Joe-W. the real guy, but they are also not immune to criticisms of the Joe-the-Plumber archetype, whose interests are far more in line with Obama’s planned policies than McCain’s.

    But that’s really beside the point. I merely wished to point out the information that has been entirely missing from this discourse about the “working class” which uses an unlicensed contractor as its posterboy. That point is simply that respectable, private, small business contractors, an overwhelming majority of whom are conservatives, look on guys like Joe as people who try to cheat the system (that is specifically why they don’t have licenses, guys). I work in contracting and every morning when I go down to Home Depot to pick up supplies for the day, you see these guys stopping at the parking lot entrance to pack their vans with illegal immigrants, and illegal-immigration is your guys’ scary talking point, so…??? I even saw Lou Dobbs last week using Joe-the-Plumber as an artifice for slinging his usual middle-class, populist rhetoric—Lou Freaking Dobbs who believes there’s illegals hiding in his soup! I mean the corruptness of unlicensed contractors is common knowledge among REAL contractors, and yet nobody in either campaign or in the media seems aware of this, albeit that the Joe story is completely worn-out now and the detached s-storm of division politics moves on to other hosts, other innocent victims. It’s just another conservative constituency unwittingly lost by the Republican’s own rhetoric, a working class constituency whose votes they thought they could buy so cheaply. Thanks for your comment.

  5. And for the record, I have mixed opinions about illegal immigrants, but more often than not I believe we should keep their interests at heart and not obscure those interests by using them as a point of articulation of polarizing and transitory political discourses. I’m merely pursuing the inherent hypocrisy about the Joe thing, notwithstanding anything on the immigration issue. Tienes me corazon, Juan! Just a small disclaimer.

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