Tim Bee’s Retread Campaign Ad

Here’s the latest Tim Bee campaign ad:

And here’s an ad from Republican Sarah Steelman’s 2008 campaign for governor of Missouri:


3 Responses

  1. […] yes, both PolitickerAZ and Scramblewatch have already covered this one (Curse You, Nintzel and Brown!), but, gawddernit, it is so beautiful, […]

  2. Lamest damned campaign ever! Anyhow, under what scenario did anyone ever think that Bee had a chance in this race?

    I had this one right back in January.

    He should have waited and ran for a statewide office.

  3. http://www.rumromanismrebellion.net/2008/10/27/true-tales-from-the-campaign-trail/
    Monday, October 27th, 2008…7:45 am
    True Tales from the Campaign Trail!

    A friend of mine has been doing work for Raúl Grijalva. He was at the Arizona – USC game this weekend, and happened to walk by Tim Bee’s tailgate party. He also happened to be wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt.

    Bee shouts out to him: “I love Obama!”

    Um, yeah.

    Bee approached him, my friend mentions that he does campaign work for Grijalva.

    “I love Raúl! Sweeney is a joke.”

    I can buy that he believes the latter, but the former?

    As my friend walked off, Bee shouted “I love USC” to a couple of Trojan fans that walked by.

    Why do I keep thinking of the chorus to that Slade song, “Run, Runaway”?

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