You Betcha: The Skinny Line

Let’s face it: Many of the races this year aren’t that competitive. So in this week’s Skinny, we presented The Skinny Line to handicap the contests to make it a little more interesting on Election Night.

Tell us: What are the good bets? And does anyone have propositions of their own? Maybe some over-unders?

McCain in AZ 6 Obama in AZ
GRIJALVA 47 Sweeney
Cage Even Melvin
Paton 7 Valle
BRONSON 8 Brenner
DUPNIK 30 Shaw
LAWALL 13 Roach
Prop 102 YES 9 Prop 102 NO
Prop 105 NO 4 Prop 105 YES
Prop 200 YES 2 Prop 200 NO
Prop 202 YES 12 Prop 202 NO
Prop 300 NO 32 Prop 300 YES

For entertainment purposes only. Arizona law strictly forbids wagering on the outcomes of elections.


One Response

  1. All right, you wacky fellow political junkies, here’s my picks for your line. If I get ten right you should at least buy me a beer!

    McCain (-6)
    Giffords (-9)
    Sweeney (+47)
    Cage (Even)
    Paton (-7)
    Brenner (+8)
    Shaw (+30)
    Lawall (-13)
    Prop 102 Yes (-9)
    Prop 105 No (-4)
    Prop 200 Yes (-2)
    Prop 202 Yes (-12)
    Prop 300 Yes (+32)

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