More Than 200K Have Already Voted in Pima County

Early ballot update: Somewhere around 183,000 of the 231,004 early ballots that were sent out have been returned as of this afternoon.

In addition, 17,862 people have voted at walk-in sites, meaning that more than 200,000 people have voted early for the first time in Pima County history.

If you haven’t yet sent in your early ballot, it’s too late to safely mail it in. You’re best off dropping it at a polling place on Election Day if you want your vote counted.

County officials anticipate that about 25,000 ballots will be dropped off tomorrow. Those ballots will have to pass a signature check before being counted, a process that will delay the final tally of close races for several days.

We expect between 80 and 85 percent of Pima County’s half-million voters will cast a ballot in the election.

FWIW: In 2004 general election, Pima County voters returned 156,293 early ballots, which equaled 91 percent of the 172,193 ballots mailed out. Total turnout was slightly above 82 percent.


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