Not So Much

Yesterday’s Arizona Daily Star editorial page:

Rep. Phil Lopes, a Democrat from District 27, will have a leadership position.
Lopes is a voice of moderation and cooperation and is a valuable member of the Legislature.

Yesterday’s Arizona Capitol Times, reporting on the Democrats electing a new leadership team:

David Lujan is the new minority leader. His seatmate, Kyrsten Sinema, was elected assistant leader and Chad Campbell was named whip. All three represent central Phoenix districts, and they ran as a team for caucus leadership.

Lujan said his goal is to build coalitions with Republicans to craft policies that are grounded in solving the state’s problems, not advancing the political agendas of either party.

In choosing Lujan and his teammates, the caucus voted resoundingly against Phil Lopes, who had led House Democrats since 2005. He was teaming with Steve Gallardo, who was looking to move from whip to assistant leader, and Lynn Pancrazi, who was running for whip.

However, Lopes was defeated early in the caucus elections, as he came in last in a three-way race that also included David Bradley of Tucson. Because neither Bradley nor Lujan captured the support of the majority of the caucus on the first vote, they went head to head in a second round of voting.

Lujan said he won that contest by “a number of votes.”


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  1. And exactly how much influence will southern Arizona have in this collection of Maricopa Co. folks?

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