After Math: The Raw Numbers From Election Day

Pima County is still working their way through the provisional ballots—Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez has to make sure they’re all legit before sending them over to the Elections Division to be counted—but we’re not expecting any major races to change direction at this point.

With virtually all of the early ballots processed, it appears that 226,568 people voted before Election Day. Most were by mail, but 18,320 people visited polling booths that were set up in the weeks before the election.

The Elections Division reports that 152,091 voters cast a ballot on Election Day, which brings Pima County’s total number of voters to 378,659.

That just leaves the provisional ballots. Pima County Registrar of Voters Chris Roads says that if 20,000 of those turn out to be valid, then we’ll have had about 400,000 voters cast a ballot in the election, which comes out to about 80 percent of 498,777 eligible voters. That’s a few points below the 82 percent turnout we had in 2004, but in raw numbers, it exceeds the 369,321 people who voted in the last presidential year.

We’ll crunch the final numbers when we get them, but at this point, it looks like nearly 60 percent of the voters cast early ballots in the election.

We’ll be bringing you our ongoing analysis of what those numbers mean over the next few days.


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