Conserving Arizona’s Water and Land

WHAT IT WOULD DO: Way back when Arizona became a state, our forefathers set aside about 10 million acres of land that was designed to be held in trust for beneficiaries, primarily education. More than 9 million acres still remains today, with the State Land Department leasing some for ranching, farming and mining and auctioning off other parcels for development.

Environmentalists have been pushing to amend the Arizona Constitution to allow some of the prime ecological parcels in the trust to be set aside for conservation and protected from development. Various reform proposals have been shot down by voters over the last decade. (Read up the issues facing the state trust land battles.)

This latest proposal would set aside 580,000 plus acres of Arizona’s state trust land for conservation, including areas near Catalina State Park and Cienega Creek in Southern Arizona.

SUPPORTERS SAY: These lands are ecological treasures that deserve protection for future generations.

OPPONENTS SAY: The state trust should get the full value of the land for Arizona’s school children and other beneficiaries.

MAJOR FUNDING PROVIDED BY: The Nature Conservancy; Democrat Jim Pederson


TOTAL $$$ SPENT: $501,696

Campaign finance totals reflect activity through May 31. A list of more recent contributions and expenditures of greater than $10K can be found here.

Find the complete text of each initiative here.


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