Gay Marriage Ban

WHAT IT WOULD DO: Although state law limits marriage to one man and one woman, the Arizona Legislature—at the behest of the Christian-based Center for Arizona Policy—is asking voters to put the same limits in the Arizona Constitution.

SUPPORTERS SAY: Voters need to stop the militant homosexual activists from forcing their gay agenda on the state of Arizona to destroy the very meaning of marriage.

OPPONENTS SAY: Gay marriage is already illegal in Arizona, so why is a constitutional amendment necessary? Why shouldn’t two gay people be allowed to marry and get the same benefits as straight people? Why is the Center for Arizona Policy so preoccupied with gay people?

MAJOR FUNDING PROVIDED BY: No one yet; this proposition was placed on the ballot by the Arizona Legislature.

Campaign finance totals reflect activity through May 31. A list of more recent contributions and expenditures of greater than 10K can be found here.

Find the complete text of each initiative here.


5 Responses

  1. There is a big difference between tolerance and acceptance. By voting no on 102 you are saying we are required to accept gays. Not to mention by voting no it would go against every bible printed. There is a lot more about this then letting gays be married but it forces everyone to teach their children that it is ok. Being gay is a choice as is choosing your partner. This is not the same as civil rights as being black or brown or any color for that matter is not a choice.

  2. David, there is plenty of scientific evidence that suggests that homosexuality is NOT a choice. Why are you so sure that it is?

  3. Being Christian is also a choice. Don’t let the choice of Christians define our laws which govern over many, many non-Christians. Say no to Religious zealots in our politics.

  4. If the “gays” want the same headaches and pitfalls as the rest of us poor married saps, then who are we to stop them?

    Being gay should be a personal freedom in this country (which was FOUNDED on freedom), just as being not gay is. Its not as if gay marriage is even recognized in this state now. It is absolutely ludicrous to fret over something as stupid as this issue when there are so many other atrocities happening in the world today.

  5. I’m very tired of the pro-homosexual (nothing gay
    about them) movement making religion (i.e.
    Christianity) the boogie man in this issue. I’ve
    been a proud atheist all my life but have enough
    common sense to understand that man-man sex
    is repugnant to most people. Obviously the universe
    has hard-wired our brains that way over hundreds
    of millions of years of evolution. Accept it and move

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